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Aadhaar Card Sample: In 2009, the government of India launched an initiative to provide unique identification numbers to the citizens of the country so that they can use this identification number in all their official formal and business documents for their transactions and identity proof across the country. This came to be known as the Aadhaar Card.

This card is one of the most vital documents of an Indian citizen so as to provide them with a universal identification number and so, this is linked to all the official documents of an Indian citizen. There is no age limit for getting an Aadhaar Card – all people starting from a newborn to a senior citizen, everyone can avail the facilities of an Aadhaar Card.

Aadhaar Card Sample

In the paradigm shift towards a wholly digital India, the Aadhaar Card is playing a vital role in the Know Your Customer (KYC) initiatives of various online payment platforms like AmazonPay and PayTM.

In addition to that, it is also mandatory information across all educational and business institutions because it helps in maintaining a unique record for every individual. The Aadhaar card has now become a key to various other documents like Pan cards, Identity cards, Passports, driving licenses, bank accounts, and many other processes.

The status of the Aadhaar card application can be checked in the official government handled portal www.uidai.gov.in. The same information can also be checked offline in Aadhaar service centers. After applying for the Aadhaar, the status will be updated. The acknowledgment slip that is generated provides the enrolment number.

This number is a 14 digit code. The acknowledgment also provides the date and time of submission of application and can be used to track the status of the Aadhaar. The enrolment number along with the date and time of enrolment which forms the ‘Enrolment Identity Number’.

The Aadhaar card can be applied for in any of Aadhaar service centers, post offices, banks, etc.

The process of registration of Aadhaar Card involves many biometric tests to store a person’s biometric data for identification and it also involves rigorous data entry and data verification processes starting from the nitty-gritty like all the basic details such as name, address, pin code, phone number, blood group and so on. This is manually done in Aadhaar Enrollment Centers across all cities. Following are the personal details that can be found in an Aadhaar Card.

  • Finger Prints
  • Iris Scan
  • Name
  • Aadhaar Card Number
  • Photograph
  • The QR code for identifying the Aadhaar card number
  • Gender
  • Residential Address

Initially, in 2009, not many people were comfortable with the data providing and data verification processes, and there were certain technical issues as well. And Aadhaar Card was manually handed over to the applicants back then – probably to the head of the particular household.

But today, UIDAI has launched an E-Aadhaar portal which provides the provision of downloading Aadhaar card online after going through the registration process. This is a rather simple and effective measure, thus allowing easy access for the applicants.UIDAI values integrity and maintains regulations in accordance with the Aadhaar Act. This approach will certainly build a strong, transparent and sustainable Indian economy. (Aadhaar Card Sample).

Documents required for Aadhar Card:

The client must obtain an Aadhar card from either of India’s Aadhaar registration centers. The submission of this card requires 18 proof of identity and 35 proof of address. Any of these are outlined below:

  1. Bank statement.
  2. Birth certificate.
  3. SSC Leaving certificate.
  4. Passport-size photo.
  5. Ration card.

No age limit is set for issuing this card. The whole country is eligible for that card.

National Launch of Aadhar card:

The fears of the people about the security of information are not groundless. Although the government has repeatedly maintained that such biological information is very “safely coded,” any person and organization leak that it would arrest and fin these data.

Some students, pensions, and welfare recipients have had data leakage incidents and involve multiple government websites. Only Indian national cricket team chief MS Dhoni’s personal details were unintentionally forwarded by an overly enthusiastic registrar on the tweeter.

New Economy, New India:

As an integral part of “Digital India,” the Aadhar card project is worthy of this phase for India ‘s modernization and management, the growth of e-commerce in India, and, in particular, the benefits for the citizens of India. The Government has instructed with this benchmarking project to speed up the development of the Aadhaar platform and extend it to more projects.

Today, the Aadhar card numbers are increasingly applied to areas such as bank accounts, SIM cards, tax returns, scholarships, various government schemes, and more public affairs such as registration of marriages, application of passports, and elections.

Benefits of Aadhaar card:

  1. If the client has linked the Aadhaar card to the savings account, then the savings account with zero balance will be applicable to him/her.
  2. Users would need to get a RuPay card to withdraw money from ATM services.
  3. Having an Aadhaar card is a golden chance customers will be able to get the Passport in just 10 days.
  4. Subsidy deposited to save the account of the customer when buying the LPG cylinder and other things like kerosene, sugar, rice, etc.

UIDAI has developed a fully functioning sample Java client application to help the community quickly develop applications using Aadhaar authentication. This program is written in Java, and displays different Aadhaar authentication features. This program is supplied on a “AS-IS” basis and should not be regarded as a sponsored software for strength of output. This chapter deals with information about uploading, installing, and running the sample, and setting up the source code creation environment.

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