Original Aadhar Card Images, Photos, Pics, JPEG, PNG [Free Download]

Original Aadhar Card Images: The Aadhar card is a combination of 12 digits unique identification (UID) number & Biometric data that can be obtained by an Indian residential people, based on their biometric and demographic data.

These data are collected by the Unique Identification Authority of India, a statutory authority established in January 2009 by the government of India, under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, following the provisions of the Aadhar card.

Original Aadhar Card Images

Before The Aadhar Card: Before the Aadhar card, the most official identification in India was the passport, driver’s license, and PAN card (Permanent Account Number), which was mainly used to pay personal income tax.

More than 1.3 billion people there are only 65 million people have passports, 200 million have driver’s licenses, and 250 million have PAN cards, and the remaining hundreds of millions, mostly poor, because there is no decent identification.

Unique Identity Free Of Cost: The Aadhar card is voluntarily registered and free of charge. You only need to provide necessary demographic information documents, take a photo, record a fingerprint, and swipe the iris to get a bunch of randomly generated 12 digits identification number of biometric information.

Although the role of Aadhar card and identity cards are already very similar, it does not represent any citizenship and residency status, so India still does not have a “Republic of India Resident Identity Card.”

At the year of 2011 Indian Census, the government had entered relevant data for all citizens who participated in the census. As of May 2017, the government has collected fingerprints and iris information from more than 1.149 billion Indian populace through Aadhar card, of which 99% of Indian citizens over the age of 18 have been certified.

In this way, India has become the world’s most extensive database of citizen bioinformatics, stored in a highly secure data center at the Industrial Model Township in Gurgaon Manesar. Paul Romer, the chief economist of the World Bank, calls it “the most accurate identity authentication system in the world.”

National Launch of Aadhar card: The people’s concerns about information security are not groundless. Although the government has consistently claimed that such biological information is very “safely coded,” any individuals and organizations leak that such data will be jailed and fined.

The data leakage incidents for some students, pensions, and welfare recipients have occurred and involve multiple government websites. Even the personal information of Indian national cricket team leader MS Dhoni was accidentally forwarded on the tweeter by an overly enthusiastic registrar.

New Economy, New India: The Aadhar card project, as an essential part of “Digital India,” is worthy of this step for the modernization and management of India, the development of e-commerce in India, and especially the benefits to the people of India. With this benchmarking project, the government has instructed to speed up the construction of the Aadhaar platform and apply it to more projects. – eaadhar

Today, The Aadhar card numbers are increasingly being applied to areas such as bank accounts, SIM cards, tax returns, scholarships, various government schemes, and more public affairs such as marriage registration, passport application, and elections.

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