What is the Fee for Aadhaar Card Services | New Fee Structure [Updated]

People are really confused when it comes to the Fee for Aaadhar Card. The biggest problem is that many Aadhaar Centre charges a different fee for different work.

Some so-called Aadhaar Agencies follows price rigging from different peoples which make people pay more than required.

Some People ask for Aadhaar card fees online while other ask for Aadhar card correction fees.

If you too are confused or curious of Knowing about all the Fee Structure for different Aadhaar Services then you are in the right place.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Aadhar Card Generation Fee

If you want to apply for Aadhaar Card, then you don’t need to give anything as Aadhaar Card Generation is free of Cost for all the people.

Even if you are NRI residing in India for more than 182 Days in the last 12 Months then also you can apply for Aadhaar Card without paying a single Penny.

Mandatory Biometric Update Fees

When an Aadhar Card is issued to a newborn or minor Child under 5 or 15 years then that Aadhaar Card is issued with the identity of the Child-Parent.

After the Child attains the Age of 5, it is mandatory for that child to give his/her Biometric(Fingerprint and Retina) at the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre which is Free Of Cost.

Then later when that child Crosses the Age of 15, then he/she has to again provide his/her Biometric(Fingerprint, Retina) as a lot of Body Changes occur during Childhood; this Mandatory Biometric Update will cost you 25 Rupees.

Other Biometric Update Fee

Apart from Mandatory Biometrics Update if you want to Update your Biometrics for any particular reason then you will be charged with 25 Rupees.

UIDAI recommends to Update our Biometrics every 10 years.

Demographic Update Fee Charges in Aadhaar

Demographic Update Includes Your Name, Address, Mobile Number, Email, Date of Birth Gender and other things.

Some events in Lives like Marriage, shift to new Address, Error in Gender while Aadhaar Enrolment will want you to Update your Demographic Information.

For Example – After Marriage, you want to Change the Surname or After Shifting to a new House in a new location you will like to change the Address in Aadhaar.

For these Kind of Demographic Updates, you will Be Charged 25 Rupees.

Coloured Printout  Aadhaar Fee

If you want to Have Your Aadhaar Card as Coloured Print then you will be charged with 20 Rupees. 

Black and White Printout Aadhaar Fee

If you want your Aadhaar Card to be printed in Black and White then you will be charged only 10 Rupees.

And Don’t worry about Validation as According to UIDAI, Black and White Print has the same validity as of Coloured Print.

The Only Difference is, Of Course, Colour.

Aadhar Card Fees Online

If you want to Download your e Aadhar Card Online or Update your Demographic Online then it is completely Free of Cost.

Point to Keep in Mind is that Updating your Demographic Information in Enrolment Centre will cost you money.

But if you do the same thing online then it is completely Free Of Cost.

Aadhar Card Correction Fees

For any Correction related to your Aadhaar Card like Error in Name, Gender, DOB etc. you will be Charged 25 Rupees at the Aadhar Enrolment Centre.

Aadhaar Service Charges

It Depends on the type of Service you Take. If you want to Update your Biometrics or Demographic Information, then you will be charged 25 Rupees.

But if you want to Print your Aadhaar Card then it will charge you 10-20 Rupees with 10 Rupees for Black and White Print and 20 Rupees for Colour Print.

Agency Charging for Aadhaar Card Services

As I said, It depends on the type of Service you want to take. For Updating your Biometrics or Demographic Information you will be charged 25 Rupees.

But for Printing your Aadhaar Card you will be charged 10-20 Rupees with 10 Rupees for Black and White Print and 20 Rupees for Colour Print.

Charges For Various uidai services at Aadhaar Kendra (pec)

If you want to Apply for Aadhaar, i.e, Aadhar Enrolment then it’s completely Free of Cost. No one Can Charge you a single penny.

If you want to Give Mandatory Biometric Update of your 5-year-old Child then it is completely Free of Cost.

But if you want to Give Mandatory Biometric Update of your child when he turns 15-years-old then you will be charged 25 Rupees.

If you want to update your Biometric(Fingerprint and Retina) later in life, i.e, For any other Biometric Update you will be charged 25 Rupees.

Note – UIDAI recommends to Update your Biometric every 10 years.

For any Demographic Update like Name, Address, Email, Mobile Number etc you will be charged 25 Rupees.

If you want to Print your Aadhaar Card then you will be charged 10-20 Rupees. If you want it in Black and white then 10 Rupees and for Colour Print you will be charged 20 Rupees.

Aadhar smart card charges

If you want to print Aadhaar on Plastic Card or PVC which is also called an Aadhaar Smart Card then you will be charged around 50-300 Rupees or more depending on the Centre.

According to UIDAI, you should not print your Aadhar Card on Plastic Cards as your QR code loses some readability or may even fully damage.

UIDAI says that there is no such term as Smart Aadhaar Card and a Black and White print of Aadhar Card has the same validity as a Coloured Aadhar Card print.

Aadhar Updation charges

If you want to Update your Biometrics, i.e., Fingerprint and Retina or your Demographic Information like Name, Address, Email, DOB etc then you will be charged 25 Rupees.

If any Aadhaar Enrolment Centre is charging you more than the stated amount then you can Raise a Complaint.

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