How to Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card [Step By Step Guide]

How to Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card: The twelve digits unique identification number issued to the citizens of India by the Unique Identification Authority of India (under the Government of India) in 2009 is the Aadhar Card.

This card is one of the most vital documents of an Indian citizen so as to provide them with a universal identification number and so, this is linked to all the official documents of an Indian citizen. There is no age limit for getting an Aadhar Card – all people starting from a newborn to a senior citizen, everyone can avail the facilities of an Aadhar Card.

How to Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card

Most people make some of the other mistakes when filling out details of their Aadhar Card. So, India’s Unique Identification Authority has made it easier for people to get their Aadhar card just offline updated or corrected. There is no such service accessible on the web site.

Every Indian citizen is required to issue the Aadhar Card and must do so. Not only is it standardized, but it is also the Basic Identification Figure, too. Aadhaar’s definition in English is also the base or reason for this. That term originated in the Hindi language.

UIDAI is an agency that works on the Aadhaar program. India’s Unique Identification Authority is a full form of UIDAI. The Aadhar card is special and has 12 digits. The Aadhar card is a text concerning biomedicine. Store an individual’s details in a government database.

When the customer receives an Aadhar ticket from the government there is no need to remove the color or black and white print from it. Yet due to certain issues often the initial Aadhar card is not reached to the customer. Only then is the consumer needed to print the card using the name or number of the source.

The Aadhar card is an identity with a valid Name. According to UIDAI’s comment, sharing this number of Aadhar cards is safe but this team also said it depends on the user’s own risk. This information may be misused if given to the wrong people.

Who was the first user of the Aadhar card?

Aadhar card system was launched in Tembhli village situated in the Nandurbar district of Maharashtra State in India on 29 September 2010. Ranjana Sonawane was the first customer of this system.

The need for Aadhar card:

Aadhar card is required not only to fill out income tax but also to apply for a PAN card. Simply using the exclusive printed automated 12 number code as a single point source for all your needs.

Documents required for Aadhar Card:

The consumer will obtain Aadhar Card from any Indian Aadhaar registration center. 18 Issuance of this card includes proof of identification and 35 proof of contact. Some of these are outlined below:

  1. Bank statement.
  2. Birth certificate.
  3. SSC Leaving certificate.
  4. Passport-size photo.
  5. Ration card.

For issuing this card, there is no age limit. For this card, the whole country is allowed.

All the benefits of having an Aadhaar card:

  1. If the consumer has attached the Aadhaar card to the savings account then the saving account with zero balance would be available to him/her.
  2. To withdraw money from ATM services, the user must obtain a RuPay card.
  3. Having an Aadhaar card is a great opportunity consumers would be eligible to get the Visa in just 10 days.
  4. Subsidy deposited to preserve the wallet of the customer while purchasing the LPG cylinder and other things including kerosene, sugar, beans, etc.

How to register?

There are instances where citizens no longer use the mobile number which has been registered with UIDAI on their respective Aadhar Cards. You may follow the steps below in case you adjust your mobile number listed in the Aadhar Card.

Step 1: You have to visit the nearest Aadhar Enrolment/Update Centre and contact personnel there.

Step 2: The personnel will hand over an Update Form and you have to fill out the Aadhar Update Form

Step 3: Make sure that you enter only your current mobile number in the form – that is, the number that you want to change to in your Aadhar Card, not the number which is already mentioned there.

Step 4: Ensure once again that you have not mentioned your previous mobile number.

Step 5: In addition to that, you do not have to provide any proof to the personnel for updating your mobile number.

Step 6: Then, the personnel there will register your request.

Step 7: Make sure that you will be handed over an acknowledgment slip containing the URN after the registration of your request.

Step 8: The personnel will charge a fee of ₹ 25/- for availing this service.

After you have your phone number updated, you can test the whole smartphone upgrade phase and then log in to the UIDAI website to access your Aadhar Pass. There, an OTP will be sent to the newly recorded mobile number and it will hit the new telephone number you received. You might need to go to the Aadhar Enrollment / Update Center again if it doesn’t.

That being said, it is very important to remember that Aadhar Card is one of the most important documents for an Indian citizen, and therefore it is your sole responsibility to safeguard your Aadhar card, otherwise, hackers who may steal your information might misuse it. So, even though you change the information of your eAadhar Pass, you must ensure that you do not share the details and the EID, UID or OTP with any third party or vendor in any event so that you can keep your data secure.

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