Aadhar Card Logo: Step By Step Guide with Images [Complete]

Aadhar Card Logo: The Aadhar card’s ‘Aadhar’ word is a Hindi means. It’s meaning is Foundation. The Unique Identification Number design of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) suggested by IT despot Nandan Nilekani and was named ‘AADHAR’ as part of aims to reach out to the general society.

A legislative authority established in January 2009 by the Indian government, A 12-digit number identity card issued to Indian citizens by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to facilitate them. Aadhar card is the leading biometric ID system in the world. But Aadhar card is not a valid identification document for Indians traveling outside India like traveling to Nepal and Bhutan.

After coming into being Aadhar foundation wanted a unique logo and name that can be clearly conceded by every member of the Indian society. Their aim was to design a logo and identity card template that would be obvious to grasp and accept by the one billion Indian people. In order to obtain the Aadhar card logo, they hired an agency named Saffron Brand Consultants to figure out a unique and creative logo.

The Indian Government’s ambitious unique identity project (UID) aiming to give all its citizens a new and creative Aadhar card logo.

I also held a competition for the Aadhar card logo. In February 2010, the UIDAI launched a nation-wide logo competition for Aadhar card. Over the 2000 entries were received from across the country.

The criteria for deciding the winning entry:

  • The Aadhar card logo should bring out the essence of the UIDAI’s purpose and goals
  • The Aadhar card logo should communicate that Aadhar is a transformational opportunity for individuals across the country and that it is one that will equalize access to services and resources for the poor
  • The Aadhar card logo should be one that can be easily understood and communicated across the country

Concept designer of vector logo of Aadhar card is Atul S.Pande, who designed this identity on Corel draw and current status of this Aadhar card logo is active, it was shortlisted among the top 5 of over 200 entries in a nationwide competition.

This logo design is the intellectual property of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), they have copyrights to this identity, and anyone who wants to use or reproduce this logo artwork in any manner should agree to obtain the permission from trademark holder, otherwise a violation of international laws of copyrights subjects to specific criminal and financial penalties.

The Aadhar card was launched on 28 January 2009, by the ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, India. This logo is simple and iconic so that it can be understood by every Indian irrespective of their language and literacy levels. It endured adequate meaning to indicate the ideas of inclusiveness, clarity, and Indian-ness.

Colors used in this logo are sharp and bright representing an abstract sun emerging rays. This logo gives a positive vibe and message to its holders, that this foundation is spraying enlightenment and pleasure through aiding its inhabitants.

The aim is to provide every individual with a feeling of being a part of billions he represents and stands out as a unique individual as well at the same time. The transparency of the logo signifies the limpidity that this creativity will now bring to the system.

This is a great revolutionary initiative takes place in Indian for their residents. A numeral number of features make the Aadhaar card a digital identity and facilitate digital identity card for its holders. (Aadhar Card Logo).

Among the salient features of the new downloaded Aadhaar or electronic Aadhaar are improved design, better image quality and updated information. India’s Specific Identity Authority (UIDAI) issues Aadhaar number 12-digit. In practice, the e-Aadhaar is an online replica of your Aadhaar Passport. This is provided by UIDAI to citizens of India following a basic method of identification and collecting demographic and biometric information. Name, date of birth, gender, address, mobile number and e-mail ID are demographic details. Ten fingerprints, a facial snapshot and two iris scans are biometric details.

Features of New eAadhaar:

  1. The e-Aadhaar has Aadhaar holder details, such as name, address, gender, photo and date of birth.
  2. The special advantage of e-Aadhaar is that it is password safe.
  3. With the text realignment, the configuration of current e-Aadhaar has been enhanced.
  4. The e-Aadhaar also includes an Aadhaar generation date and the day it was submitted to Aadhaar.
  5. In the latest e-Aadhaar, the date of the problem is Aadhaar’s day.
  6. The e-Aadhaar has a bigger picture of the issuer of an Aadhaar Passport. The broader picture means greater exposure for the person.
  7. The latest e-Aadhaar has a Computer ID (VID) that is written below the number of adhaars.
  8. The latest e-Aadhaar updates details on using Protected QR App.
  9. The latest e-Aadhaar bears all versions of the logo and the Aadhaar Logo.
  10. UIDAI automatically signs up for the E-Aadhaar pass. Stable QR Code with the picture is digitally signed into the latest e-Aadhaar.
  11. The e-Aadhaar Card is accepted as an Aadhaar Physical Card.

E-Aadhaar download, password:

You can access e-adhaar from https:/eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in. The authentication for E-Aadhaar contains the first 4 letters of the name in CAPITAL and the year of birth. Exception – Name- D.Kumar. Born year: 1989, so the password for E-Aadhaar would be ‘D.Ku1989.’ Residents can download the e-Aadhaar card using the Aadhaar number and the Registration Number.

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