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Do you want to know how to apply for Aadhaar without any documents?

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In this tutorial, you will know how to apply for Aadhaar card without any documents easily.

It’s simple and easy to acquire Aadhaar card without supporting documents.

UIDAI has set a new process to help people out, who do not have documents to get an Aadhaar card.

This method is also known as head of family based Aadhar card

Your Aadhaar will reach you in 90 days

How to Apply for Aadhaar without any Documents.

Residents who do not have the required documents like proof of identity or proof of address to apply for an Aadhaar card can enrol with the help of a pre-designated “Introducer”.

An “Introducer” is someone who is authorized, identified, and notified by the Registrar or Regional Offices. An Introducer is allowed to introduce a resident who does not have the necessary documents.

Different ways to apply for Aadhar without any documents are listed below.

  • With the head of the family as Introducer
  • With any other person as Introducer

Procedure to Apply for Aadhaar without any Documents

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Enrolment procedure of applying for an Aadhar Card without the documents is the same as a normal application procedure.

The only difference is that the resident who does not have the proof of identity, as well as the proof of address, can still enroll with the help of an introducer or with the proof of their family member.

Follow the given instructions to apply for Aadhar without any documents.

  • One has a visit to the enrolment centre personally to apply for Aadhar Card. The primary step is to locate the nearest UIDAI Aadhar enrolment centres.
  • Get the Adhaar Enrolment form and fill it properly.
  • In the space given for the introducer, fill in the identity and address proof the introducer.
  • Provide the biometric and demographic details.
  • Introducer must sign in the space given in the Aadhar application form. Introducer’s biometric information will also be taken at the enrolment centre.
  • On submission of the application, the applicant will be given an acknowledgement number.
  • Acknowledgement number should be kept safe, as it will be used for checking Aadhar status.
  • You can also avail the service of e aadhar card download online with the help of acknowledgment number

How to Apply for Aadhaar card without any documents | Head of family-based Aadhar card.

Lock/Unlock Biometrics from mAadhaar

  • A person who does not have requried documents to get Aadhaar card need not to panic.
  • They can still enroll for an Aadhar Card with the help of the introducer who can be their head of the family.
  • The Head of the Family must have first enrolled himself for an Aadhar Card. Then he could assist the applicant for this process.
  • The PoI and PoA of the head of the family is provided at the enrolment centre and the head of the family must sign the application form of the applicant for providing assurance for the applicant.
  • In this case, the applicant must provide a valid family entitlement document as proof for supporting their relationship and prove that they belong to the same family.
  • The head of the family must be present at the enrolment centre during the enrolment process and his/her biometric information would be required.
  • After completing the process, one will be given an acknowledgement receipt with an acknowledgment number. It is useful for tracking Aadhar status in the future.
  • You can also avail the service of e aadhar card download online with the help of acknowledgment number.

After your Aadhaar enrolment process is successfully done it will take 90 days to reach your address by post.

How to Apply for Aadhaar With Any Other Introducer?

  • Every Introducer should attend the workshop on Aadhaar awareness which will be conducted by the Registrar in association with UIDAI. This workshop will help them in understanding their roles and responsibilities better.
  • The Introducer will have to give a written consent in the prescribed format that he/she is willing to be an Introducer and will follow the procedure laid down by the UIDAI.
  • All Introducers should have received their Aadhaar numbers before introducing residents.
  • One of the responsibilities of the Introducers is to make sure their phone number is displayed correctly at the Enrolment Centre.
  • The Introducer should make sure they are available to residents during the working hours of the Enrolment Centre.
  • Introducer should check the address of every resident and has the power to either approve or reject it.
  • To endorse a resident’s enrolment, Introducer has to provide their biometric on Aadhaar client.
  • The introducer cannot charge any fees for introducing residents. However, the concerned Registrars has the authority to prescribe and honorarium to Introducers for their work.

After your Aadhaar enrolment process is successfully done it will take 90 days to reach your address by post.

What are the Requirements to Apply for Aadhar Card without documents?

Valid Document for Enrolment of Aadhaar by People living outside India

Applicants who do not personally have any of the documents, must follow the same enrolment procedure and should arrange for an introducer. Applicant should have the following documents to satisfy the requirements for successful completion of Aadhar enrolment process. Applicants should duly fill in the Aadhar application and visit the enrolment centre. List of the documents to be submitted are as follow:

  • Proof of Identity of the head of the family or the introducer.
  • Proof of Address of the head of the family or the introducer.
  • Aadhar number of the Introducer
  • Photograph and biometric information of the introducer.
  • Demographic and biometric information of the applicant.
  • Document to entitle their relationship if the introducer is the head of the family.

Proof of Relationship documents for Applying for Aadhaar card without documents?

documents requried to apply for aadhaar card

It is necessary that applicants who do not have their own identity and address proof must bring an Introducer.

In that case, the relationship between the applicant and the introducer must be furnished.

UIDAI accepts few family entitlement documents which state the relationship of the applicant and the introducer. Those proofs of documents that support the relationship are listed below.

  • PDS Card
  • MNREGA Job Card
  • CGHS/State Government/ECHS/ESIC Medical card
  • Pension Card
  • Army Canteen Card
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate issued by Registrar of Birth, Municipal Corporation and other notified local government bodies like Taluk, Tehsil etc
  • Any other Central/State government issued family entitlement document
  • Marriage Certificate Issued by the Government

This is how you can apply for aadhaar card with any documents easily.

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How to Apply Aadhaar Family Enrolments?

Family enrolments are allowed by the UIDAI.

All the family members can book an appointment for the application process with the nearest Enrolment centre.

All the family members can enroll for Aadhar Card together with the proof of identity and proof of Address of the head of the family.

This method can be completed successfully only when they submit the family entitlement document.

Head of the family must also appear on the day of enrolment.

For family enrolments, the biometric information of the Head of the Family is also saved. In the application of the family members, signature of the head of the family must also be present.

Family enrolments save more time as enrolments for all the members are done together instantly.

Go ahead and apply for aadhaar card without any documents easily.

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